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Altimeter wall sticker

Wall stickers with height meters for the children's room

It's really fun as a parent to follow how fast your child grows. It is also fun for the individual child to see how small they have been and how big they have become right now and here. If you have several children, it is also a fun thing for siblings to follow along and compare each other's heights at the different age levels. And the children love to show it to their playmates, but also show it to the grandparents when they come to visit. With a poster altimeter from the Sohu shop, it is easy and quick to realize this height measurement. On this page you can see our beautiful and lovely posters with height meters that can brighten up any children's room or playroom and create joy, fun and inspiration. It is very easy to just put a line with a pencil or pen at the height of your child and note the date. Our stickers vary slightly in their maximum height. Notice the height of the individual models (from 130 - 160 cm). A funny wall sticker with goals is also really nice to put up in a waiting room at a dentist, doctor or ophthalmologist, where the waiting time can feel really long and boring. And it is certainly also a good idea in kindergartens and nurseries, shared playrooms and in leisure homes.

altimeter posters

With a height meter poster, you can quickly make the children's rooms exciting and unique without having to spend a fortune. The colors in the chosen poster can also inspire color choices and furnishings in the children's room, so that it becomes an inviting play and sleeping room. If your child loves cars, for example, it will be obvious to choose the motif with the road. Then match the entire children's room with toy cars, possibly garage facilities, traffic carpet etc. Or you can choose a motif with animals from the jungle and create a unique "jungle environment" in the room. It's so easy to be creative when you have a starting point. The jungle environment might just be supported by a few green pillows, a jungle sleeping animal, a green rug, a bed lamp or some bed cover with animals on it. There is also a cute altimeter with birds on it and one with owls. If you choose one of these two for the children's room, it can be a fun idea to hang fabric birds or owls from the ceiling as a kind of disturbance. The wall sticker with targets and ships on it is also a nice decor theme for the children's room with the nice turquoise color and fun ships with animals on board. Add some turquoise bedspreads or brick boxes, or paint a single wall in turquoise, and the children's room will appear fresh and inviting. A large palm tree on the wall with six naughty monkey cats in it will also be a hit in most children's rooms, as monkeys with twisted tails are often included in children's songbooks and also when they are told bedtime stories. You can also choose a tree trunk with pink clouds and a target of . . really nice for a girl's room, where the favorite color is often light pink and pink.

The quality of our products is top notch, and you can stick them on most surfaces such as walls, doors, glass etc. A set-up guide is included, so it is both easy and quick for you to set up your wall sticker straight away. If you are in need of a gift idea for new parents, for christening gifts and for small children's birthdays, a wall sticker with goals is an obvious suggestion that people will be happy with. Otherwise, it can often be difficult to come up with something exciting and useful for affordable money. Our delivery time is fast. When ordering, it only takes 1-2 working days before you have your beautiful wall sticker. . just to set up or give as a gift.