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Wall stickers with boards

Blackboard wall stickers in high quality

On this page you will find our beautiful useful boards for the kitchen, children's rooms, the entrance hall and so on. Chalkboards are super smart to have hanging, as you can write things you need to remember, meal plans or the day's chores. All the wall stickers are made as blackboards, for which you can easily use chalk. You will find both large and small boards, meal plans, weekly plans and others. Boards have become very popular to have hanging in the home, because they can be used to quickly and easily give messages to all the residents of the house. It can be small messages such as if you have gone somewhere or to-do lists, where all residents can write different things that must be remembered in the household. It can also be meal plans or weekly plans, so that you are always at the forefront of what is happening in the household.

Among our many different boards you will find, for example, a To do board , where you can easily and quickly write different things on which you just need to remember, or want to remember each other. The board can of course also be used as a to-do list or as a board where you write where you have been.

If you want a larger blackboard, we have this large blackboard . This wall sticker is a clean table without any text at all, which is why you can easily and seamlessly make it however you want. If there are some weeks when a meal plan is important, you can write it down, if the weekly plan is more current, you erase it and write the weekly plan down, and so on. All in all, a super versatile blackboard that you can completely decorate yourself with chalk and you can easily choose between four sizes, so you get the size that best suits your home.

If you specifically need a weekly schedule, we have, for example, this board with a weekly schedule . The weekly schedule is perfect for writing down all the things you need to remember during the week, as well as the various things the people in the household need to do. If you have room to spare, you can also use the weekly plan to write a meal plan, so that everyone knows what the menu is on each day, and if you have different meal days, the different people can easily add dishes during the week. Hang it on the wall, your fridge or a door.

At Sohu wall stickers we want to be at the forefront. That is why you will always find a wide selection of wall stickers with us. We print all the wall stickers ourselves, whereby you are guaranteed a uniform, high quality every time you shop with us. In addition, we often have good offers and cheap shipping, as we believe that online shopping should be a freedom and an advantage, rather than an additional cost.