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Company stickers

Mailbox stickers for your company

Of course, there must be a sign on the mailbox that presents your company. But maybe you think it could be fun to replace the traditional company sign with one that clearly shows what kind of company you have, and which will be an eye-catcher for your customers and employees? What should be on your company sticker? If you have a slogan, we have designed several stickers where you can integrate your slogan, so that you can show who you are with more than just a company name. If you are in a small company, you can also get the names of all employees on the mailbox, a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work. Remember to also take a look at our main category with Mailbox stickers for further inspiration for a nice and different mailbox design, so you can order a new sticker for your home at the same time as you order company stickers.

Company sticker for kindergarten / day care

Here we have designed a really cute mailbox sticker for kindergarten , which is of course also perfect if you have your own daycare. Here we see a cute illustration of two children playing, a little boy and a little girl. The sticker also includes illustrations of a flying dragon, three floating clouds, and a sweet, smiling sun. In the middle there is space for text, where you can write the name of the nursery or day care. You can order this sticker in a total of 24 colours, so it is up to you to choose the color that best suits your nursery or daycare. The children will surely love to look forward to admiring the beautiful sticker every day! And no one passing by will be in any doubt that there are lots of cute and happy children here! If you have a private daycare, it is also a good way to be sure that the neighbors are aware that there may be some noise from your home every now and then.

Company stickers with slogans / names

Of course, we have also made slightly more formal company stickers, which will decorate the mailbox for your company, regardless of what you do. Look here at this Name sticker COMPANY NAME 1 , where we have used different fonts and sizes to create a nice design. Here you also have the opportunity to implement your slogan and to have names of your employees. There is room for up to 8 employees here. Here is another variant of Name stickers COMPANY NAME 2 , where you can have your company name in capitals. Under the company name there are a number of nice dots. Under the dots you can have your slogan. This fine company sticker is available in a total of 24 colours! If you want more contrast on your mailbox, you can also choose this variant Name stickers COMPANY NAME 3 , where you e.g. can get a black box with white text / symbols, which will look super nice on a white mailbox, and really stand out.

Installation of company stickers for the mailbox

It is very easy to put up our company stickers, and you do not need any tools or any special skills. We have made an installation video which very thoroughly shows how you can get your company stickers for the mailbox installed in a short time. You will find the link to the installation video at the bottom of our website. It is important that you ensure that your letterbox is completely dry, clean and that it is at least 18 degrees warm when setting up company stickers. If you are in doubt as to whether it is too cold, it is a good idea to take it inside and warm it up before putting your new company stickers on it. Should your set-up of company stickers for the mailbox still be annoying or if there is something you have doubts about, you must contact us immediately and we will always find a solution to the problem.

Remember to also take a good look at our other innovative categories with mailbox stickers. Just look here at this Name sign for the mailbox , with lots of different name signs and with many options to also get nice symbols on the mailbox. It could, for example, be butterflies, a beautiful tree, beautiful birds or fine ornaments. If you are looking for something a little wilder for the family, you should skip to this category, Funny figure stickers . Here you will find lots of cute, silly and cool illustrations of members of the family, divided into different themes. If you are a family that loves horror and Halloween, it would e.g. be sure to choose the super cool sticker where you and your family have been transformed into zombies! Here at Walldelux , it is a high priority that you must always be 100% satisfied when you order goods from us, and we are always ready to help if you have questions or would just like some guidance before ordering a mailbox stickers from us.