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Poster with cartoon animal

Posters with drawn animal motifs

Do you need a little something extra for the home? Then perhaps a wall decoration is what you need to spice up the home and not least your decor. At Sohu, we design all our products ourselves and the posters on this page are no exception. Here you will find our large selection of wall decorations with drawn animal motifs. There is something for every taste for every home!
On this page, we have collected all our fantastic designs with drawn animal motifs. We have both animals you can meet in the forest and on the savannah. Like, for example, this beautiful poster with a majestic wild lion . The design is with a lion's head and the text "Wild". This is truly a beautiful and detailed wall decoration, which with its neutral colors fits in with everything in the home. If you need a little more colour, see this poster with a giraffe in orange colors. The orange color nuances between beautiful orange colors and yellow colors, which creates the most beautiful effect on the wall. We have also designed this poster with a zebra motif with ora many colors.

If you want a more fun and crazy wall decoration, you should take a closer look at our plaka t with Mr. Hare. A fun and unique wall decoration with a cute little rabbit with a bow tie and beard. The design is made with several animal motifs such as Mr. owl in fl eight colors. wall decorations like these can be hung anywhere in the home. For example, they will create coziness in the living room, but can also be hung up in the children's room, where they are guaranteed to bring joy to a small child.

The beautiful wall decorations with drawn animals are of course manufactured and designed by us after you have ordered, which is why you are very welcome to contact us if you have special wishes. Your purchase is then sent free of charge, so you have less to worry about. You will receive your purchase after 1-2 days, ready to be hung on the wall in your home. At Sohu we are happy with animal motifs and therefore we have more animal motifs than what you find here on the site. On this page, you will only find our motifs with designed animals. If you don't find what you were looking for here, feel free to go on an adventure on our website, where many unique motifs for the home are hidden.