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Design posters

Motif posters colorful and beautiful

Here you will find our beautiful and colorful posters for children. The wall decoration is made with beautiful and calm motifs that will surely appeal to your children. We have both designs for girls and boys, and of course all our posters are produced by ourselves on high-quality paper. On this page you will find our beautiful and beautiful designs for children, with beautiful colors and cute motifs of boys and girls. The motifs are made so that they have a hand-drawn look and the colors look like they have been applied with water colour, which gives a completely unique look. With these wall decorations, you will thus get some beautiful and unique posters that will adorn your child's room.

See, for example, our beautiful simple poster with colorful balloons and a girl and a boy . The poster has a calm and beautiful appearance with a nice motif of a boy and a girl each holding three balloons in nice colours. The motif is full of beautiful details that you, your child or your guests can explore, which means that you won't get tired of the design right away.

If you need something for the boy with speed in his butt, we have this poster with a playful boy and stars . Really fun and beautiful wall decoration with a boy floating among the stars with a happy expression on his face. The calm and at the same time somewhat wild expression of the design is perfect for the boy's room, where something can happen, but at the same time there must be time for reflection. At the same time, the wall decoration radiates how one must aim for the stars.

If you are looking for a calm and sweet wall decoration for your girl, we have this poster with a sleeping girl on the moon . The beautiful motif shows a girl lying down and sleeping with the moon up among the stars, while the moon holds the girl's hand. Really nice and simple design that really gives peace of mind. Can, for example, be hung so that your girl can see it from bed and be lulled to sleep by the calm look.

Remember that you always get free shipping on your order when you shop at SOHU. We print all our wall decorations ourselves, so we can ensure that you get a design of the best quality that will last a long time. At the same time, you can always contact us if you want changes or, if you have special requests, we will come back and find a solution so that you are satisfied.

Poster for children

We produce all our posters ourselves on high-quality paper, and we sell fine frames in either oak, white or black to match. Here on this page you can see our large selection of beautiful and unique posters that will decorate and adorn every boy's or girl's room. Some of the motifs are made to appear with a hand-drawn look, and it looks as if the motifs have been applied with water colour. This creates a light and unique look. Our posters for children will also work well in waiting rooms at, for example, dentists and medical clinics, as it is soothing and pleasant for children to look at the lovely and sweet motifs. And a poster is also an obvious gift idea for small children's birthdays, where it can otherwise be difficult to come up with something without costing a fortune. We have fast delivery, so you can easily get your order delivered quickly.

Posters for the children's room

In the children's room, it is obvious to hang up a nice poster, so that there is something beautiful or cute to look at. Your children will love it, and you can also use the selected poster to help yourself with the decoration of the room. Use some of the colors in the selected picture to choose the color of the bed cover, rug, toy boxes, pillows and the like, and paint if necessary. a small color field on the wall or a notice board in the same color to create harmony and coherence. It doesn't take much for the children's room to be unique and a place that both your own children and their playmates will love to play and stay in.

Poster children's room

Among the posters for the girls' room, you can choose the beautiful pink flamingo "My pink dreams", which is a nice and cute children's poster for a child who loves the color pink. The flamingo walks with its long, thin legs and listens to sweet music in its headphones. It can be chosen in several sizes, so that it fits your daughter's room exactly. Or you can also choose "Girl sleeping on the moon", which is in calm and subdued colors. It's perfect to hang up by the sleeping area, so it's for lying in your bed and looking up safely when you're going to sleep and maybe have a little bedtime story or bedtime song. Another great idea is the "Unicorn birth board" poster, which contains both the child's name, date of birth, time, weight and height, as you must enter this when ordering, and it will then be printed. This is also a really good gift idea for other parents who have had a little girl, christening gifts and the like.

Posters for the boys' room

It is easy to decorate a cozy and fun boy's room with a poster from the Sohu shop. For the slightly older boys, the poster with the dinosaur alphabet is a great way to learn the alphabet, as many boys are interested in dinosaurs, and here you have all the letters of the alphabet and a dinosaur name that fits each individual letter. And it is an incredibly beautiful and decorative poster. The poster with whales is also really nice to hang up for the slightly older boys.

For the smaller boys, there are the cute posters with cute dinos in different colours. There are also the nice retro posters with a helicopter, airplane or a zeppelin. You can even choose the name and date on the poster with the retro plane. Something most children will be excited about. There are also the cute posters with an astronaut and a space rocket respectively. . hang them if necessary up next to each other to create a spacious environment in the room. You can also supplement with some star stickers on top of the posters.