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Posters for children

At Sohu-shop we have a wide selection of posters for children of all ages. It can be educational posters, posters with motifs, texts, songs and more. The selection includes both posters for the children's room, but also posters that can easily be hung in the living room and tell one's history as a family with children and something about the children. You choose the size yourself and in several cases you can also choose the colors yourself. In this way, you can get exactly the poster you and your child want.
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Large selection of children's plaques

Among the selection you will find, among other things, the top modern and popular birth posters. For example, this personal birth poster , which is available for both boys and girls. The poster is printed with the child's name, date of birth, time, height, weight and maternity hospital. A really cute poster in great colors. Of course, we also have other birth posters, so you can find the birth poster that suits you and your child best. A fantastic poster to have as a memento of your child's time of birth, which the child can later enjoy as a memory.

We also have many posters with children's songs printed on them, which can hang in the children's room and help parents remember a text or help the child take the first baby steps towards reading. For example, our poster with the Everglad ladybird . A super nice poster with funny drawings of both the ladybug and the snail, which illustrate the lyrics of the song. In this way, the child can both learn words and their meaning through singing. The poster's subdued style also means that it will not go out of style and can hang in the children's room for many years. The poster can also easily hang in the living room or together with musical instruments.

You will also find posters with the alphabet. For example, the ABC poster , which is available in two versions that match the color preferences of boys and girls. The ABC posters are really good for helping children learn the alphabet, and since the poster is incredibly simple and beautiful to look at, you can easily have it hanging in the living room. In this way, your child's vision comes into contact with the alphabet every day and it becomes easier for the child to know the letters.

If your child wants to learn what the world looks like and something about the different countries, we also have this world map for children with funny figures, animals and buildings that illustrate the countries of the world. A really nice poster for the children's room that can help children find out where different animals live in the world.

At Sohu-shop, we want you to get the perfect poster that suits you. Therefore, as always, we produce all posters ourselves, and if you have any wishes for changes to the poster, please contact us so that you get the poster you want. In this way, we ensure you the best product and the best customer experience.