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Cities and skylines as wall stickers

If you want a modern wall sticker with cities and skylines, you will find them here. Cities and skylines are very modern in Danish homes. Here you will find everything from Copenhagen, New York and Paris, as well as simple wall stickers that do not illustrate a specific city. If you want a nice and modern wall sticker with cities or skylines, you've come to the right place. On this page you will find several wall stickers with several different cities. Among other things, you will find motifs such as Paris, London, New York, Paris and Copenhagen. Several of the cities are also illustrated in different ways. You choose the color and size of your wall sticker yourself, so you are sure to get a wall sticker that fits your home and your wall.

See, for example, this classic Wallsticker - Berlin . Incredibly simple and beautiful wall sticker that features most of Berlin's landmarks. A perfect wall sticker if you have fallen in love with the German capital. The flat base means that you can place the wall sticker in several different ways. For example, over a sill, where it will look as if the city has grown up on the sill. You can also just let it float freely or hang it vertically if you want to hang it a little differently. You choose the color and size yourself, so it will fit your home.

If you want a slightly more alternative motif, look at this wall sticker by Copenhagen in colors . Really nice wall sticker that features some of Copenhagen's landmarks, but in a nice and different way. The wall sticker well illustrates the hustle and bustle and versatility found in Copenhagen and will surely catch the attention of your guests. A super good way to add color to a white wall or to add some color to the clean home.

You can also choose to get a more anonymous wall sticker that does not illustrate a specific city. Here you can, for example, look at our Love City wall sticker . Again a simple wall sticker, but without a particular motif. Instead, the wall sticker illustrates the love found in the city and also the love you can have for city life. A really nice wall sticker for the urban home.

At SOHU-shop, you choose the size and color yourself, so you get a wall sticker that fits your home perfectly. In addition, we ship cheaply to the entire country. You are also very welcome to write to us if you have any questions or want a special wall sticker, and we will try to accommodate your request.