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Dinosaur wall stickers

Dinosaur wall sticker in many different motifs

If you have run out of good ideas to make your children's rooms more exciting and inviting, there is a lot of inspiration to be found here in the Sohu shop. Many children, especially boys, are fascinated by dinosaurs. Here with us, we have the cutest, funniest, most dangerous and coolest dinosaurs as stickers. . . perfect for decorating any boy's or girl's room. It is relatively easy and cheap to create an exciting universe for the children using our wall stickers. For example, do you have a child who is already interested in the different dinosaur species, and perhaps especially the cool and dangerous ones? Then we have several different stickers with the large and terrifying tyrannosaurus rex, and they can be obtained up to a height of 130 centimeters. The large plant-eating dinosaur that can crush rocks with its huge lump on its tail is also one of our big hits. You can possibly put the two species up next to each other on the wall, so that it looks as if they are fighting each other. It is probably something that will bring joy and excitement to both your son and his playmates. If you don't have that much wall space, you can also choose a pack of 10 different smaller dinosaurs, and choose them in a color that goes well with the things that are already in the children's rooms. By choosing the package with the 10 different ones, you can create your very own personal dinosaur landscape and match the wall decoration with the existing furniture.

Buy your wall stickers with dinosaurs. Big and beautiful dinos that decorate any room, regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl. We have many different designs, so you can easily find a design that suits your taste and will fit in your home. Low prices and cheap shipping are a matter of course. Here you will find a large selection of different wall stickers with dinosaur motifs. All designed by ourselves and manufactured on our own machines to ensure consistent high quality every time you shop here at Sohu-shop. We have both designs with single dinos, as well as designs with several dinosaurs. We also have both plain and multi-coloured wall stickers, so you can get the perfect wall sticker for the room, regardless of whether you are a girl or a boy.

If you are missing a wall sticker with the cool tyrannosaurus rex, we have several different wall stickers with just this terrifying dinosaur. Among other things, a wall sticker with a big and cool T-Rex running , which can be obtained up to a height of 130 centimetres. Really cool wall sticker, where you can see, among other things, how the ground shakes and breaks with every step the big and cool T-Rex takes. The perfect wall sticker for the cool and modern boy's room.

If you are more into the herbivores, which are made with tough protection to protect themselves against the T-Rex, we have, among other things, a tough warrior dinosaur that crushes rocks with its big lump on its tail, so it shows that it is ready for battle against, for example, a T-Rex. A really cool wall sticker that any boy will love to have on his wall. You can advantageously set it up together with, for example, our T-Rex wall sticker, so that you create a small battle scene between these two cool dinosaurs.

Would you like to have several different dinosaurs hanging, but think it would be too big and violent with the large wall stickers , we also have smaller wall stickers. For example, you can choose a package with 10 different dinosaurs , the color of which you choose yourself. You can decide for yourself where you put them up, together or separately, because each dinosaur comes separately. That way, you can create your very own dinosaur landscape that will delight any dino-happy boy.

dinosaur wall sticker

For the smaller children, there are many cute, fun and cute sets with colorful and happy dinosaurs, plants and small dinosaur children. It is easy to create color and a happy atmosphere in your children's rooms and make it fit with the rest of the decor, so that you create a unique and exciting children's room or playroom. For example, you can choose the wonderful wall sticker that illustrates a dinosaur playing catch with two turtle friends between some palm trees. The wall sticker is available with either blue or pink dinosaurs and turtles, so it can decorate both boys' and girls' rooms, and it is available in three different sizes, with the largest being a full two meters wide, which makes it perfect for placing above a bed or on a long wall above some shelves for the toys.

Here at Sohu-shop, we want to help and inspire our lovely customers, so that it will be easy and cheap for you to make some very special decorations and play experiences for the dear pods. It can be incredibly difficult as parents to decide on the decoration of the children's rooms. Therefore, it is a good idea to start from one of our beautiful wall stickers, and then choose some things for the children's room based on the colors that are in the chosen wall sticker. It can for example be in the form of bed covers, curtains, a small children's piece of furniture, rugs, toy boxes or other small things that help to create both cosiness and order.

We have low prices and cheap shipping here with us, so you have plenty of opportunity to quickly make your children's rooms and playrooms unique and exciting for little money and working time. Here at Sohu-shop, we design our own stickers and produce them on our own machines. You can choose both single-coloured and multi-coloured stickers. Wall stickers from us are super easy to put up, and they have a very long shelf life. They can be mounted on most surfaces such as doors, glass, walls etc. Assembly instructions are included, so you can quickly and easily get the new wall decoration in place to your great delight and possibly surprise for your children and their playmates.