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Fingerprint Poster

Use Fingerprint Poster For Personal Decoration

Nice fingerprint posters - the perfect gift

Have you never heard of a fingerprint poster ? It may sound strange, but the idea is extremely sweet and simple. With a fingerprint poster, you have the opportunity to create a completely unique and personal gift that many people can take part in. A fingerprint poster has become a very popular gift to give to confirmation students. This poster will be a gift that the confirmation student can enjoy for a long time, and which will be a memory of the big day. Surprise the other guests with this poster and let everyone help create a unique and very personal gift.

Choose e.g. this fine design Finger print poster with name and date . Fill in the name(s) of the recipient(s) and the date of the event, if it is a confirmation, a baptism or a wedding. After you receive your fingerprint poster, wait to frame it. The whole idea is that the poster is not finished yet. Now we have to bring the poster to life, with lots of beautiful fingerprints from all the guests.

The unique gift for the main character of the party!

Make sure you buy some color for finger painting, preferably many colors to create life and dynamism on the poster. Then all guests are allowed to make a finger print at the end of the branches. If you have a bit of patience, you can also choose to wait until the colors have dried, and then everyone can write their name on top of their fingerprint. If it needs to go a little stronger, you can of course also just write the names next to the fingerprints. Or perhaps completely refrain from writing the name and let the fingerprints speak for themselves. In this way, the recipient gets a completely unique gift that all the guests at the event have helped to create.

You will find a similar design here Finger print poster with elephant which is perfect for christening. Here we have chosen to place the recipient's name under the beautiful tree. You can of course also choose to buy a nice frame for your fingerprint poster, we have three nice colors to choose from. Should it be in authentic oak, in classic white, or in stylish black? You decide. Our fingerprint poster is available in 6 different sizes, the largest is 70 x 100 cm, so if you are going to an event with many guests, we would recommend that you choose one of the large sizes, so that there is certainly room for fingerprints from all guests.

Is it a christening or a child's birthday you are going to?

then take a good look at this cute finger print poster that we designed for the little ones. Fingerprint poster with forest animals. Here, in addition to the beautiful tree, we also see some really cute animals. Under the tree sits the cutest little squirrel smiling, and on the other side of the tree it has been joined by a cute little fox. The design is made in happy, warm colors that will brighten up the children's room. Of course, you can also choose to make the fingerprints in advance, and frame and wrap the poster before the recipient receives it.

If you want to find more posters that are made for children, then click on to our category with children's posters, where we have collected a multitude of cute, adorable, cool and funny motifs made for children. Here you will find e.g. learning posters , posters with vehicles, name posters, posters with princesses and unicorns and gamer posters . And much, much, much more! With our cheap prices, it is also easy to buy new posters when the children develop new interests, without breaking the budget.

We are constantly developing new products for our customers!

Here at Sohu shop, we are proud to constantly develop new products for our customers. Make sure you visit our website often so you don't miss out on all the new, exciting products that appear here and there. If you need help choosing, or if you have any other questions, you are very welcome to contact us, we are always ready to help. We also do everything we can to ensure lightning-fast delivery, so that you can enjoy your new poster as soon as possible. We also have a large selection of beautiful wall stickers , fun and cute mailbox stickers , impressive wall murals, and magical pictures and glass prints. Take your time when you browse and remember that you are welcome to choose more than one product, because we know that it can be really difficult to choose between all the great products we offer.

A memory for life!

Give your guests something that will last as a memory for life: A fingerprint poster. We offer a large selection of posters that are personalized and tailored for any occasion. Whether it's for a wedding, christening, baby shower, confirmation or another party, you can choose the tree that best suits the occasion and personalize it with fingerprints, names, stamp colors and much more. Our fingerprint posters are the perfect gift to commemorate the fun moments and are a unique way to create cozy memories. Give your guests a memory for life - order your fingerprint poster today!

Choose the tree that best suits the occasion and personalize it with fingerprints of the party's protagonist and guests, names, stamp colors and much more. Our fingerprint posters are the perfect gift to commemorate this special day and are a unique way to create fond memories. Make a personal and unique gift that goes beyond the ordinary. Give your guests a fun and unforgettable gift with a fingerprint poster. This poster is perfect for weddings, christenings, baby showers, confirmations or any other festive event.

A fingerprint poster is a fun way to welcome all the guests and give the main character of the party something, a unique memory from the big day. It's easy to make a fingerprint poster that can be adapted to any theme. Choose freely between fingerprints, names, stamp colors and wood to suit the party.

Give your child a special memory with a fingerprint poster from their baby shower or christening . This personalized gift will always be remembered and delight the little person.

Also be creative with our stamp pad and stamp colors to create beautiful patterns and motifs. The colors range from blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, brown and black, so no matter what atmosphere you want to create, you can easily find exactly what you are looking for.

Make fingerprint posters as gifts for confirmations, weddings, birthdays, or any other special memory. A personal gift that the person in question will enjoy and remember.

How to fingerprint a poster?

Our fingerprint poster is a personal and unique way to celebrate a wedding, christening, confirmation or other special occasions. Taking fingerprints is a simple process that requires stamp inks. First, place the stamp pad on a table and then place the finger you want to take a fingerprint from in the stamp pad. Once you have placed your finger, lightly swipe over it with the stamp color. Repeat the process with the fingerprints you want on the poster. Once you have taken all the fingerprints, the poster is ready to be framed and saved as a memory for life.

Can you hit a fingerprint poster?

Yes, it is actually quite possible to frame a fingerprint poster - and it is a perfectly personal and unique element for any home. A fingerprint poster is a fun and unique gift for a wedding party, christening, confirmation or other special events, or as a memento from a special day. Our fingerprint posters are a natural way to display the fingerprints of the little (and big!) guests. We also have fingerprint pads and stamp colours, so you can create a completely unique and personal guest tree. Create a guest tree that will be remembered and will be a fun keepsake when you look back on the special day.

What are the benefits of having a fingerprint poster?

A fingerprint poster is a fun, personal and unique way to celebrate a wedding, christening, baby shower, confirmation or other festive event. By letting guests print their fingerprints, you can create a unique guest tree that you will be able to carry with you and remind you of the happy and festive moments over the years. In addition, our stamp pads with great colors make it easy for guests to be creative and create a unique fingerprint poster with names, handwriting or other designs.

The perfect gift!

Weddings, christenings, birthdays and other festive events are events to be celebrated and remembered forever. With us you can create a unique memory that your guests will remember forever. Our fingerprint poster is the perfect gift that can be personalized with a fun text or artwork.

Buy the poster and accessories such as stamp pad and frame. It is quick and easy to use and allows you to create a beautiful tree that you want. Create a fingerprint photo to keep as a memento from the party! You can add a personal touch to the poster by writing a few sweet words or a name. On all our posters it is possible to write 2 lines. These are completely optional. Most people use them for the name of the main character of the party and the date of the day itself.

Make your confirmation, wedding or baptism unique with a fingerprint poster! With a fingerprint from each guest as part of the poster, you will always remember the special day. We have designed a number of beautiful posters with fingerprint motifs which can be adapted to any occasion. The robust wooden poster has a nice, rustic look, and a large print which ensures that there is room for all the little fingerprints. Regardless of whether you are holding a christening, wedding, confirmation or other festive event, we have the right design for you. With a choice of stamp colors and stamp pads, you have the opportunity to give the poster a personal touch. For larger parties, such as wedding and confirmation, it can be a good idea to have extra stamp pads ready. This makes it easier to get the many prints on the poster without having to wash the stamp pad

Introduction - what is a Fingerprint poster?

A fingerprint poster is a fun and personal way to celebrate a wedding, baby shower, confirmation or a birthday. With this poster, you have the opportunity to make the party even more unique and personal. We have designed a nice tree that your guests can put their fingerprints on. In addition to the wood, we can supply stamp pads and stamp colours , which make it easy to add color to the fingerprint. We offer our posters in many different sizes

Fingerprint poster an ideal gift shot for confirmation, wedding and christening

A fingerprint poster is the perfect gift for confirmation, wedding or christening. It is a personal gift that lasts for many years and brings many smiles and joy to the recipient. With a fingerprint poster, you can get friends and family to create a beautiful pattern of fingerprints. Our fingerprint posters are made of wood, which makes them more durable than a regular poster. We supply a stamp pad and stamp ink, so you have all the components you need to create beautiful fingerprints. We have a large selection of posters in different colors and shapes, so you are sure to find a design that suits your party. The fingerprint poster will ensure that the recipient has a personal memory of the party, which can hang on the wall or

How to make your Fingerprint poster

It is very easy to make a fingerprint poster. First of all, you need to choose the poster that best suits your party. Choose from many different colors and shapes, and make sure the poster matches the interior of the room. You must then select the desired stamp colors that you wish to use. Our stamp pads have several different colors, so it will be more interesting. Once you have all the components, simply invite your guests to the party and give them the opportunity to put their fingerprints on the poster. Once all fingerprints have been printed, you can dry the poster with a cloth and it is ready to be hung. It's a fun and personal way to celebrate confirmation, wedding or baptism, which will bring joy and memories for many years!

Brilliant DIY ideas for Fingerprint Poster

Would you like to put your own personal touch on a fingerprint poster? Then there are many DIY ideas that can make the poster even more personal. You can e.g. add flowers, glitter, glitter, or other exciting elements that give the poster a beautiful and unique look. You can also create a theme for the party and have your guests print their fingerprints in different colors that match the theme. This gives the fingerprint poster an extra boost and a personal touch. Whatever creative ideas you have, there's nothing better than holding a unique and personal event with a fingerprint poster!

Buy your materials from us

Don't miss the opportunity to create a unique and personal arrangement with a fingerprint poster. If you are holding a confirmation, wedding or baby shower, a fingerprint poster is a perfect option to make it even more fun. With us you can find all the materials you need, so you are ready to create a unique and personal fingerprint poster. We have a large selection of different colors, shapes and stamp colors, so you can get the perfect design for your party. Contact us today and order the materials you need.

How to fingerprint a poster?

Fingerprinting a poster is a fun way to personalize it. First, you need some fingerprint stamp pads and inks. These are also available here with us. Once you've got it, simply roll the stamp pad over your fingertips and press them onto the poster. It is important to make sure that the fingers are not too moist when taking the fingerprint, otherwise it will not come out on the poster properly. You can also use fingerprints in many other situations such as confirmations, weddings, baptisms, parties, etc. It is a good way to make the event personal and fun. If you want to make it even more personal, you can also take a picture of the fingerprint and put it on the poster. Then you have a beautiful and personal memory!

Conclusion - Make your confirmation, wedding or baptism unique with a Fingerprint poster

A fingerprint poster is a fun and personal way to celebrate a confirmation, wedding or baptism. It's a unique way to create a poster full of memories to share with family and friends. We have the materials to create a special design to suit your event. Take up the challenge and create your own fingerprint poster. It's a way to create an arrangement that no one else has.