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Walldelux the largest selection of wall decorations

Wall de lux – motifs for all the walls of the home

Luxury wall decoration at low prices
What should be hung on the wall? Have you had the same old pictures hanging up for many years? Or maybe you have never gotten together to hang something up? Maybe you have no idea what you want to decorate your home? If it has to suit your and your family's personality at the same time? Either way, we've made sure that boring walls will soon be a thing of the past. We have designed a sea of magnificent wall decorations in many different formats. We have divided them into 14 different categories, so you will surely find a format that fits into your home. You can of course choose to mix the different formats and create variety and diversity in your home.

In this category you will find pictures that are printed on a non-woven canvas. The Vlieseline canvas is made so that it reproduces colors in the smallest detail, which gives a particularly authentic look. The canvas is stretched on a light, yet very stable frame. You can of course choose between different sizes, so you get a photo canvas that fits perfectly into your home. See e.g. this masterpiece The Heart of the Home . The image is divided into three parts and has a rustic background in the form of a plank. On the plank you see the word Home, where the letter o has been replaced by a red heart. The heart of course symbolizes the love that lives and grows in your home. This photo canvas is suitable for hanging above the sofa in the living room.

Print on acrylic glass
Pictures printed on acrylic glass give an excellent shine and a fantastic depth to your pictures. Perhaps you have also heard of Plexiglas and wondered what the difference between acrylic glass and Plexiglas is? It is very easy! Because it is the same! The only difference is that plexiglass is a trademark. An advantage of acrylic is that it only weighs half as much as normal glass, which makes it suitable for large pictures that need to be hung up. Acrylic glass retains its attractive appearance for many years, and can withstand both water and sunlight. See e.g. this picture on acrylic glass The Ocean of Innocence which is divided into a total of 5 pictures, which creates life and dynamism. The picture depicts the most beautiful white orchids, which will create peace in your home. Buy this picture and you will get orchids that do not need to be watered and never wither.

Print on cork
Printing on cork is an unconventional way to decorate your wall. One advantage of pictures on cork is of course that they are much lighter than wall decorations with glass. The printed canvas is stretched onto a cork board, and then it is ready to hang. The fun thing about printing on cork is that you can insert pins with pictures or small notes. See e.g. this impressive print on cork - Orbis Terrarum [Cork Map] with a world map. Do you have a friend who is a passionate globetrotter? Then this picture on cork is a wonderful gift idea. He/she then has the opportunity to set up pins for the places that have been visited and the places that are included in the plans for future travel destinations. Another fun and practical idea for using prints on cork is to have one hanging in the entrance, so you can write small reminder notes to each other and put up the picture.

Wall murals
Our wall murals are extremely durable and hard-wearing, and of course completely lightfast. Photo tape is an excellent alternative if you really want to give your home a completely new look. Perhaps you are renovating and still need to buy new wallpaper? Then you might as well choose some wallpapers that create more personality in your home than the classic white ones. If you have children, they will love being allowed to choose a photo wallpaper for their rooms. Maybe your children are wild little monkeys who love to make trouble? Then you must definitely show them this adorable photo wallpaper - Monkey Tricks with the cutest little monkeys. With this photo wallpaper in the children's room, it will be difficult to get your children out of the room - they would rather stay and play with the monkeys in the jungle.

Wallpaper for the door
Now what is this strange thing, you might think. Why should you have a photo wallpaper on a door? Take a look at our wall murals for the door and you will immediately understand the idea behind this concept. Having a realistic photo wallpaper on the door can create a completely new dimension to a room. See e.g. on this Wallpaper for the door - Turquoise Harbour . Have you always dreamed of living by the sea and being able to run out onto a jetty? Then you get one step closer with this almost magical photo wallpaper that is hard to take your eyes off. You want to get up, run out onto the bridge and dive into the warm, crystal-clear water. If you have a stressful everyday life, this photo wallpaper for the door will give you the opportunity to take a break by spending a few minutes observing it and dreaming away.

Wall murals XXL
Do you have high ceilings? Then you should choose our Fototaper XXL, which we have designed to be used for decorating extra-large interiors. Our XXL photo tape consists of 50 cm. wide stripes that are super easy to install. Maybe the whole family can help install them! Do you love Italy? Then you should take a good look at this magnificent Wall Mural XXL - Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice . Here we go on an adventure to one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in the whole world, Venice. Do you dream of being free from noisy cars? Then it is in Venice that your dreams come true. Get this photo wallpaper installed in the living room, make a delicious plate of antipasti, open a bottle of Nero d'Avola and sit down on the sofa and enjoy the new city in your home.

Hand painted paintings
Are you looking for a completely unique painting for your wall? Then of course you should choose a hand-painted painting. Isn't there someone in your circle of friends who is artistically gifted and has the time and desire to make a hand-painted painting for you? Then don't despair, because we have employed experienced artists who are more than happy to create the most beautiful picture for you. See e.g. this Hand painted image – Sea foam . The style of the picture is reminiscent of both impressionism and naïveism, so if you are fond of artists such as Monet and Chagall, you are guaranteed to think of both when you see this fantastic handmade painting hanging on your wall.

Paint your own painting
Painting by numbers? Now what is this? In English it is called Paint by number and it is a phenomenon which has become extremely popular in a short time. The concept is that you have a canvas with a recorded image which is divided into areas with different numbers that indicate which color the area should be painted in. When you buy Painting by Numbers you get a complete set with canvas, brush and acrylic paint. See e.g. this Paint by Number DIY Canvas Painting - Magical Unicorns with two adorable unicorns. Do you have a daughter who loves unicorns? Maybe even two daughters who love unicorns? Then she/they will love to be allowed to paint her very own painting to hang on the wall. Painting by numbers is of course also an excellent gift idea for grandparents, who will greatly appreciate having a painting made by the grandchildren.

Screen walls
Screen walls are absolutely perfect to use as room dividers, or just as decoration. It is collapsible and easy to transport, so you can move it between rooms and take it with you if you need it elsewhere. You choose for yourself if you want it 3-part or 5-part, and of course the print is on both sides. Do you have children sharing a room? Don't they always want to look at each other? You solve that problem quickly with this Screen wall - Happy Children [Room Dividers] . It is available in two heights, the low one is 135 cm., which is enough so that the children cannot see each other, but can still communicate. The height is a whopping 225 cm, which is a really good height if you want to give the children the opportunity to feel that they each have their own room. On the good days when they want to play together, you just fold the wall and put it away. Then it is ready to be put out when the little bandits smoke each other's butts again.

In addition to all our relatively "new" products, we of course also have a lot of wonderful, classic posters. Our posters are available in different sizes and you choose for yourself if you want to buy a frame from us or if you want to use a frame you already have at home. We produce all our posters ourselves and they are printed on strong paper that does not bend or crease easily. This ensures that you get a poster with a motif that you will get a lot of pleasure from, on a material that will look great for a very long time.

Mailbox stickers
It has become very popular to decorate your mailbox with mailbox stickers. Instead of just having a boring dymo print with names, here we give you the opportunity to make something completely extra out of your mailbox. How will you introduce yourself? You have plenty of options if you want an illustration on the mailbox. You can get a photo with an associated name for each family member, and you can actually include your pet on the sign with a photo and name!

Wall stickers
Wall stickers are as the name reveals – stickers to put on the wall. A different and aesthetically pleasing alternative to ordinary pictures or posters, as a wall sticker almost "melts" into the wall. We have lots of beautiful wall stickers to choose from. Both a lot of beautiful pictures but also wall stickers with quotes and various other texts. There are of course lots of colors and sizes to choose from. You can also get floor stickers, which are an innovative alternative to a carpet.