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Wall stickers with gamer motifs

Cool wall sticker gamer motifs for the children's room / teenage room

There has been a lot of writing and criticism in relation to young people's use of screens and their fascination with gaming. As parents, it can be difficult to see what is really going on in the digital world that young people immerse themselves in. Youtube, Roblox, Fortnite. Words that most parents of children aged 7-18 have heard many times. How should you ensure that you have control of what is actually going on when the children are gaming? A good idea is to make sure to structure the child's time so that homework, other activities such as e.g. sports and household duties. Many (both children and adults) forget everything about time once they have started gaming, so it is a good idea to make some rules about how long they can play. It can also be very frustrating for the children if they are suddenly told that they must stop playing immediately. Then it is much better to warn well in advance, "Now you have to play for half an hour more" and "Now you have to play for another quarter of an hour". When they are only allowed to play for 5 more minutes, you can just point to the "Just 5 more minutes" wall sticker, so they know it's time to say goodbye to the gamer team soon. As parents, you can also familiarize yourself with how long the various games go on and typically last, and then allow the children to play one, two or three games, depending on how much time you think is appropriate. Then you are completely free to discuss when they should stop.

Many children who game identify with the game and love to think of themselves as a true gamer. If they are allowed, many children would therefore think it would be super cool to have a gamer wall sticker on the door to their room. So everyone knows that a real gamer lives here when they see the wall sticker on the door. Maybe the cool wall sticker with the text Gamers Room Keep Out. The wall sticker is available in 5 different sizes, so it is up to the children to try to persuade their parents that they should be allowed to have the very largest gamer wall sticker on the door, if there is now room for it. They are available in 24 colours, so it is not certain that your child will choose the classic black wall sticker. They can also combine their interest in gaming with their favorite color, and perhaps choose a pink or a blue gamer wall sticker.

Maybe not all parents think it's a good idea to have wall stickers on the doors in the house, but then it's also a nice alternative to let the children choose a gamer wall sticker for their rooms. Since we have gamer wall stickers in 5 different sizes, it is easy to find a wall sticker that fits your children's room. If your children share rooms, they can each choose a gamer wall sticker which can be placed above the beds or over the desk. It can be a bit expensive with gamer equipment such as a good PC, keyboard, controllers, headphones and one or more monitors. If you don't have the opportunity to buy the most expensive one, it is a really good consolation for the children to be allowed to choose a super cool gamer wall sticker. With our cheap prices, you can probably find advice to give them a completely free choice in relation to the size of the wall sticker, as long as there is room for them.

One of the most popular gamer wall stickers is the cool "Eat Sleep Game". With us you can get it in several different variants. They are available in large letters, with various gamer related icons to them. You can also get the Eat Sleep Game wall sticker designed as a pictogram, which gives a nice, stylish look. If you choose the largest size wall sticker, you get a pictogram wall sticker with a full 150 cm. width, which is a really good size to have set up above the bed. The wall sticker is also the first thing your child sees when he/she wakes up, and the last thing he/she sees before falling asleep. Of course, you can also get a smaller pictogram wall sticker that fits nicely above the desk, or the gamer table, which might be a more appropriate name.

If, in addition to gaming, your child is also really happy to use the computer for other things, you can suggest that they design their very own gamer wall sticker. Maybe a wall sticker with their favorite YouTuber or professional gamer. We have a large selection of designs in the gamer wall sticker category. If it's a particular game they like, they can also easily and quickly create their own completely unique gamer wall sticker, which will certainly make their friends envious. Maybe an icon from their favorite game, or a silhouette of their favorite gamer hero. If you have slightly older children who have been playing the game for a few years, you probably also know that new favorites quickly appear that suddenly EVERYONE has to play. So it may be that the wall sticker needs to be changed every now and then, but with our cheap prices, the teenagers themselves can afford to buy new ones with their pocket money. If they haven't already spent the money on Robux or Fortnite V-Bucks.
Here you will find the coolest wall stickers for a real gamer. Funny wall stickers quotes that all mothers and fathers know only too well. "Just" 5 more minutes . We have a huge selection of wall stickers which, in collaboration with some young people, we have found out what is cool! And if we don't have the wall sticker you're looking for, just contact us, we love it when customers come up with ideas and suggestions for what the next product could be. Eat, sleep, game is made in several versions, as it is insanely popular and if you need something for the hardcore gamer, there are also some wall stickers for e.g. the door "Gamers room keep out" There are wall stickers for those who play via computer and for those who play with a controller and if you do both, you just have to have a few more.