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Wall stickers with horse motifs

Cute motifs with horses for the children's room

Our beautiful wall stickers with horses are not only suitable for the children's room. We have many stylish wall stickers with horses that would fit nicely in the living room, for horse-interested adults who like to decorate the living room in a different way. A really beautiful choice is e.g. a black Siloutte Hest, which will create a fine contrast to a white wall. A horse symbolizes speed and power, and you can see on the wall sticker with the galloping horse that it cannot be stopped by anyone or anything. You can also get a wall sticker with as many as 9 horses in different positions, if you just can't get enough of horses.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have your own horse in the family. For natural reasons, it is not as easy to have a horse as an ordinary domestic animal, so it will probably not happen that your horse will be allowed to visit inside your house/apartment. If you still want to integrate your horse into your home, it is a very nice way to do it by having a wall sticker made with the name of your horse. If you don't think that the horses we have on our wall stickers look like your horse, you can of course design a wall sticker yourself that better portrays your horse. In our webshop we have a user-friendly tool where you can design your own wall sticker, which you will receive only 1-4 days after you have placed your order.

They are many young boys who are crazy about horses, but horses are still most popular among young girls, which has created the word horse girl. It is difficult to find other animals that are equally popular with girls, you rarely hear about dog girls or cat girls (however, you can find a cat boy in Pajama Heroes). One of the reasons why horses are so popular with young girls is that they require a lot of responsibility, which creates pride in the little girls. Most horse girls start by mucking horse boxes at a riding school or with a neighbor before they start riding. Horses require much more care than e.g. a dog or a cat, so it can make the horse girls feel important, as they are given responsibility for partially looking after such a large animal. Unfortunately, the dream of having your very own horse does not come true for very many horse girls, as it requires much more than most other farm animals. Then it can be a nice consolation to have a super nice wall sticker with a horse in the room. Our wall stickers with horses are available in different sizes, so perhaps your child can have a wall sticker with a large horse above the bed, which is almost the same size as a real horse.

Find a wall sticker for the family's little prince or princess, who may not have had much contact with real horses, but has a lot of fun with toy horses and unicorns. A super fine and personal wall sticker is e.g. Horse & Carriage with own name. The wall sticker is available in 5 different sizes, so it can fit in the children's room, both above the bed, above the desk or above a play table. The wall sticker is available in 24 colours, so there is something for all children, whether they like blue, yellow, green or prefer pink. You must discuss which name should be on the wall sticker at home. It can be your child's name, but you can also choose a horse name for the wall sticker if your son or daughter has a favorite horse whose name she/he would like to have as a wall sticker. Almost as good as having a real horse, and a wall sticker is somewhat less demanding.

If you think a wall sticker with a whole horse is a bit too ostentatious, you can also settle for a super nice wall sticker with a horse head. The wall sticker is available in classic black, but also in a multitude of other colors, so you can choose whether you want a wall sticker in natural horse colors or whether you want a wall sticker with playful colors such as yellow, green, purple or pink. You can also get a wall sticker with 3 horse heads, which look in different directions. Wall stickers with a horse head are available in 3-5 sizes, but you can also choose to design your very own wall sticker in exactly the size you want.

It must be an advantage for you to shop for wall stickers with horses online! With us in the Sohu shop, you always get cheap shipping on your order, if you order over DKK 500, shipping is free. We strive to give you the same or better service as in a physical store, and we are only satisfied if you are satisfied with the wall sticker you have received from us. Our delivery time is only 1-2 business days, so you never have to wait long to receive your goods. Just a few days after your order, you will receive your wall sticker in your mailbox, and then you can quickly have your wall sticker put up on your wall.
Wall stickers are a great way to decorate the children's room, and here you can get the opportunity to do it with horses. We have collected a wonderful selection of wall stickers with horses, which are absolutely perfect for the children's room. Here you can get a cute horse with your own name , so that it both decorates the wall and is personal at the same time. You get both cartoon-style and realistic-style horses, and there are both line drawings and more detailed variants. You can choose from all colours, sizes and motifs within horses, so there is plenty of opportunity to find a few favourites.

For example, this prancing horse is incredibly nice to have on the wall, and the detailed design gives a vivid expression. If you would rather have this cute variant with a mare with her foal , you can of course have that too. Remember that all designs are of high quality, so you get wall stickers that are easy to install, sit well on the wall and have a good durability.