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Wall stickers with mixed designs

Fun decorative wall stickers

Here you will find wall stickers in various motifs, shapes, patterns and much more. Wall stickers for all rooms throughout the house, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, entrance and the bedroom, which allow you to personalize any room in your house, whether it should be humorous, romantic or whatever you like . A large mixed category with wall stickers for the different rooms in the house. If you need humorous, romantic or decorative wall stickers for your home, then you have come to the right place. On this page you will find a large selection of different wall stickers with different motifs for various rooms in your home. It could be the toilet, the kitchen or the living room that needs a little extra decoration, you will find wall stickers for most things right here.

See, for example, this fun and witty wall sticker with a woman in the shower . A super fun and witty wall sticker depicting a woman from behind drying herself after a bath, with the kitten sitting at her feet. You choose the size and color yourself, so you can adapt the wall sticker to your home. This wall sticker is, for example, ideal to have hanging outside the shower cubicle.

If you need a poster for the kitchen, and you are a fan of CocaCola, we have this cool wall sticker with a large CocaCola bottle . Super nice and classic poster that looks good in any home. The iconic bottle has become synonymous with mouthwatering drinks and when you see a Coke bottle you think that you could really use something to quench your thirst.

Do you remember the time when you had kitchen utensils hanging on the wall? Or have you seen pictures of it and think it looks really good, but was simply too impractical, then we have this cool wall sticker with everything for the kitchen . The wall sticker represents the good old solution of having spoons, palette knives, graters and so on hanging on hooks on the wall. This way you can have the silhouette of the classic look, but without the impractical elements. A really fun, but at the same time classic wall sticker that brings back nostalgic thoughts of a time when things were done differently.

At Sohu wall stickers , we strive to be able to offer you the coolest and most modern wall stickers. That is why you will find with us a wide selection of wall stickers in many colors and sizes, and in a multitude of motifs. You can also design your own wall sticker. All this is possible because we print all the wall stickers ourselves. Thus, we can offer you the right wall sticker for your home.