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Name Stickers

Quickly and easily create creativity and joy with our beautiful name wall stickers . As parents, it can be difficult to figure out how to make your children's rooms exciting and inviting, and preferably without necessarily costing a fortune and being overly difficult. Here at Sohu-shop, we make exciting wall stickers in many different colors and patterns that include your child's name. We have a large selection just to easily put on the wall. Our stickers are available in four different sizes, from a size that fits a door to large sizes for walls. Customers can choose colors and patterns themselves. For example, you can choose large motifs of tractors, trucks, airplanes, beautiful branches with leaves, a princess universe, etc. All with your child's name written beautifully so that it is integrated into the motif. You can also choose the name surrounded by stars, flowers or hearts. It is easy to be inspired to decorate the rest of the children's room with colors if you have chosen stickers first. For example, by supplementing with bedding or a mug for colors or a box for toys in the same color as included in the selected stickers.

Sticker's name

What child doesn't want their own room with a name on the door? It makes it extra fun for your child to receive playmates and family members with such a private and personal door. Perhaps your children have to share a room and would each like to have their own little private zone in the room? This can easily be done by, for example, putting a small movable bookcase or wall and pasting a nice wall sticker with your name on each side. It may also be that you have a long and boring walk to the rooms, where it can be refreshing to have something exciting and colorful installed on the doors. We have many different motifs, so you can choose exactly the motif that your child wants. It may be that your child has a great interest in sports, e.g. football or goes horse riding, loves flowers and nature, loves animals or maybe likes big vehicles such as fire trucks, trucks and tractors. It may also be that your child has a favorite colour, so you can choose a motif and text with it

stickers name

When you buy stickers and name stickers for your home at Sohu-shop, you are sure of consistent and high quality. We manufacture all our stickers ourselves once you have ordered them. It is also possible for you to contact us if you don't see the model you need, or find the interest your child has, so we can design just the right one together. Our stickers are suitable for sticking on most surfaces such as doors, walls, glass etc. We send a set-up guide, so it is both quick and easy for you to set up your wall sticker straight away.

Name texts as wall stickers with your child's name

Name texts as wall stickers. Get your child's name written on a tractor. Get a name with stars, flowers, hearts around the name. Also get a name for a branch. We make name texts in many colours. Check out our large selection and get the perfect wall sticker with your child's name made to hang in the room or on the door. is where you will find a large selection of wall stickers on which you can write your child's name so that you can hang it on the door to your child's room, as well as hang the wall sticker in your child's room so that everyone who comes in knows who it is who lives there. You can get the wall stickers in a multitude of different designs, colors and in several sizes, so you can adapt them to your or your child's needs.

For example, if your child loves to play football, or if your child loves football and has football idols hanging on his walls, then we have a fantastic wall sticker with your child's name with six footballs. A super cool wall sticker for the child who loves football and ideal for hanging on the door or on the wall inside your child's room. The sticker is available in four different sizes, from a size that fits on a door to large sizes for the wall. You of course choose the color yourself so you can get the name in your child's favorite color or perhaps in a color that matches your child's favorite club. Everything is possible with us.

We also have other wall stickers that are decorated with other things, such as this nice wall sticker where you get your child's name together with six nice stars. A beautiful and traditional wall sticker that can be chosen in a multitude of different colours. Of course, we also have several wall stickers in the same style, but with, for example, hearts instead of stars. That way, you can choose the right shape, color and size to suit your child's room and easily get your child's name on the door or wall.

If you don't find a wall sticker that suits your child, you can contact us at any time and we will work with you to design the perfect wall sticker for you and your child. We can do this because we manufacture all our wall stickers ourselves after you have ordered them. In this way, we can also ensure you a uniformly high quality every time you buy wall stickers from Sohu wall stickers.