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Nameplate for Mailbox

Name plate stickers

Mailbox stickers with name tags

Of course there must be a sign on the mailbox. Would you like a different design in the form of a sticker with your/your names? Then you have come to the right place. We have designed a multitude of beautiful name signs for the mailbox, with many fine details. In this category, we have collected classic nameplates with different design twists to make them more interesting. In this category we have played with different fonts, so here you will find lots of innovative ways to write names and house numbers. Remember to also take a look at our main category Mailbox stickers for further inspiration for a different mailbox design.

Mailbox sticker with names and cloud

See e.g. on this super nice name stickers for mailbox 4 . Here there is space to write the names of all family members on the left. On the right there is space to write the house number, and the fun twist is that the house number appears to be floating in a cloud! Text, number and cloud are available in 24 different colours, so you choose which color your cloud should be!

Mailbox sticker with names, branches and birds

If you want a design that is both sweet and different, then this Stickers for mailbox with branch will be a good choice. Here we see a beautiful branch, with three cute birds sporadically placed around the branches and leaves. On the branch there is a sign, and on the sign you can choose to have your surname, and also all the first names of the members in the family. This sticker is available in 24 colours, so you can choose which color the beautiful birds should be. Should they be classic black on a white mailbox? Or do you choose a more colorful color such as turquoise, light purple, pink or orange?

Mailbox sticker with names, house number and illustration of the dog

Of course, we must not forget our 4-legged family members. Many people choose to take their dog with them to the mailbox. Apart from the fact that it is cute and cozy that the dog is represented, it can of course be an advantage to show everyone that at your home there is a guarding dog. Look at this nice Postkasse sticker with dog , where on the left we see a silhouette of a large dog that looks like a labrador or a golden retriever. The dog stretches out proudly, showing that it looks after its house and all those who live there. On the right is space for the house number and the family's surname.

Mailbox sticker for Mefa

Maybe you just want it super simple and stylish? If you are the owner of a Mefa mailbox, then there is also not much space for too many illustrations and the like. We have designed name plate stickers for use on Mefa mailboxes. See e.g. this Mefa mailbox sticker 1 in a nice and elegant font for the style-conscious family who won't compromise. Choose it in white, which provides a nice contrast to the classic black Mefa mailbox. Here you get the names of all members of the family, which you can choose to place in the upper left corner, and the house number, which you can place in the lower right corner. Or you change names and house numbers.

Installation of stickers for the mailbox
Are you in doubt about the best way to put your stickers with name signs on your letterbox? Don't worry, it's very easy! We have also made an assembly video which very thoroughly shows how to get your stickers for the mailbox set up at zero point five. You can always find the assembly video at the bottom of our website. It is important that the mailbox is completely dry, clean and at least 18 degrees when setting up name plates. If you are in doubt as to whether the mailbox is too cold, we recommend that you first take it inside and warm it up before putting your name tag stickers on it. Should your setting up of stickers for the mailbox still fail or fail, please contact us and we will always find a solution.

Remember to also take a good look at our other fantastic categories with mailbox stickers. Just look here at this category Funny figure stickers , with lots of funny stickers. Here you will find lots of cute illustrations of members of the family, divided into different themes. If you are a family that loves horror and Halloween, it would e.g. be sure to choose the super cool sticker where you and your family look very creepy! If you have your own company, or have been tasked with providing a new design for the mailbox in the company you work for, then you must immediately jump over to the Company stickers category. Here you will find lots of nice and different stickers that will decorate the company's mailbox! Here at walldelux , we make every effort to ensure that you are 100% satisfied when you order goods from us, and we are always ready to help if you have questions or need guidance before you order from us.