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Wall mural in many different designs

Find your new photo wallpaper here

Wall murals are a fantastic invention that gives you completely new opportunities to get a decor that is different and shows who you are as a family. There are probably many who have not considered the possibility of using photo wallpaper instead of paintings, posters or pictures. We have designed a lot of beautiful photo wallpapers, so it will probably be difficult to choose. Fortunately, you can just choose different photo wallpapers for all the rooms in the home.

If you need extra large photo wallpapers, you should take a look at our category Photo Wallpapers XXL , where we have designed a wealth of photo wallpapers for really large interiors. When we say big, we are talking about a height of 270 cm. Do you think it gets a little too wild with photo wallpapers in an entire room? Then you might want to consider getting a photo wallpaper for the door . And yes, we know it well, if you do not know the concept, it may sound very strange to have the photo wallpaper on the door, but look in and see what we have designed, then we are reasonably sure that you see what the scam is. With a photo wallpaper for the door, you can make a boring door become almost anything. A door that symbolizes magic and adventure. Who does not want it?

Do you love London? Then take a look at our beautiful photo wallpapers with motifs from the capital of England. See e.g. on this photo wallpaper with Red bus and phone box. The red bus has been experienced by most tourists who have visited London. What could be more beautiful than being allowed to experience London in one of the famous red buses, also known as Double Decker. The glorious telephone boxes are not so many left now, but you still have the opportunity to get one of them into your home. Buy this beautiful photo wallpaper and have the opportunity to dream away to London every day.

Are your kids crazy about dandelions? Are they looking forward to it being spring so they can breathe on them and watch the squirrel whirl away? Then pamper them with this amazing photo wallpaper Colorful Element with dandelions. Did you know that you can find out how many boyfriends you have by blowing on a dandelion head with fluff? You can only breathe once, and then you see how many ticks fly away - you have so many girlfriends. If you have teenagers at home, they will probably be happy with the new dandelion game. Then we just have to hope they do not have too many boyfriends!

Are you one of those people who first feels awake after 3 cups of coffee? Do you find your kitchen a little boring? Then maybe you should freshen up the wall with this photo wallpaper Coffee beans which represents - yes, you guessed it - coffee beans! The beautiful dark brown beans will look really nice as a contrast to a light or white ceiling, or to a white wall if you do not want coffee beans on all the walls in the kitchen. Let your passion for coffee be a part of the decor in your home, and look forward to making lots of cups of coffee for your guests - that's going to be the first thing they ask for!

Do you have children who love the sea and all the beautiful fish that live there? Then pamper them with this super cute photo wallpaper Octopus and shark which depicts the sea. Your children's new best friends will be squid, crab, seahorses, sharks and cute fish. Hov, and there is also a super cute water turtle! Delight your kids with this wonderful photo wallpaper and then you can in turn be free to drive them to the beach! If you choose to use only the photo wallpaper on one of the walls in your child's room, then you can also complement your own painting with a paint, then this beautiful picture Ocean Animals would fit perfectly with the fine photo wallpaper from the sea.

Our photo tapes are made of Vlieseline which is mounted with glue. They can be installed in any room, even in the bathroom or kitchen. An advantage of Vlieseline is that it hides small defects on the wall, by forming a layer of insulation while allowing the wall to breathe. Wall mural is of course easy to mount. They consist of easily mountable stripes and they have a width of 50 cm. Of course, a thorough user manual is included, and should there be anything you are in doubt about, you should finally contact us and we will be ready to help you.