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Posters with plants/flowers

Super modern timeless motifs/pictures with plants and flowers

Here you will find our large selection of wall decorations with plants and flowers, we have many motifs in both black/white and colour. The   flying dandelions are very popular because they are beautiful and simple in their design, and therefore fit into most homes. Or if you want to dream away to tropical countries, we also have the beautiful designs with the green leaves.

We have some popular and beautiful poster designs with Eucalyptus that go really well with the cactus plant or the beautiful Agave poster

Of course, we make the beautiful wall decorations ourselves. Therefore, with us, you can always choose which size fits your decor. Often you also have the option of choosing a color. After you order, you will receive your purchase in 1-2 days, ready to hang.

Floral posters

Do you like to surround yourself with green plants? But are you not that good at looking after and watering them, or do you not have the opportunity to have so many plants due to lack of space or light conditions? Then see our wonderful selection of posters with plants. You can very easily create a botanical universe for yourself with few financial means and resources. Or maybe you have a lot of green plants but can't get enough of looking at them? The green colors on posters with flowers and plants create calm and balance for body and soul, and they will decorate and light up. . even in a small room. You can buy many of our posters with plant and flower motifs in black and white too, so they can fit into any home. The flying dandelions in particular are popular because they have a simple and beautiful design and probably lead many people's thoughts to childhood summers, when you had to blow on the dandelions to see how many boyfriends you had. Graphically, these posters have a very beautiful and artistic expression. The poster "Dandelion with background" will, with the beautiful summer blue background, be wonderful in a bright living room, where you can choose a few light blue sofa cushions and possibly a light blue plaid. . Voila. . holiday atmosphere and relaxation!

Flower poster

Our botanical posters are very suitable for hanging next to each other and creating a nice and unique picture wall. For example, paint a green field on the wall and hang two poster flowers in the green shades. . completely unique and exciting! Or you can create an exotic and tropical mood by choosing a close-up of the top of a pineapple on a black background. You can see the structure of the leaves and the beautiful geometric shapes. A super nice poster that will look good on a black or dark gray color field, or perhaps on a white wall with a black piece of furniture underneath. For a kitchen or orangery, it could be really nice to hang a poster with beautiful herbs. We have two different posters with herbs. On one there are five common herbs, red-leaf basil, rosemary, thyme, dill and spring onions. On the other, there are three different ones: broad-leaved parsley, mint and a chili plant with green and red fruits on it. Next to all plants, their names are written down. Both herb posters are watercolored, making them light and airy with a summery look.

Plant poster

It is easy to bring nature into your home. A very simple poster flower is, for example, "Samtidskunst natur 2", which has a very creative motif with fine details. The motif consists of three identical plants that overlap each other. The poster is in faint but warm red, yellow and faint green shades that will fit in with all styles of decor without being too dominant. It creates a light and summery atmosphere and will fit well in, for example, a summer house or a holiday home. Many of our poster botany pictures are painted in watercolour, which gives the pictures a light and summery atmosphere, and this contributes to the rooms appearing brighter and lighter. Invest possibly in a few light, thin and airy curtains too, and you get a bright and lovely new home for very little money and effort.

We here at Sohu-shop produce the beautiful wall decorations ourselves, and we are proud of that. You can choose just the sizes that suit you and your home. And note that we sell beautiful frames for the posters. The frames are available in oak, black and white, so they can fit in with the rest of your decor.