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Wall stickers with quotes

At Sohu wall stickers we offer a large selection of wall stickers . On this page you will find all our wall stickers with quotes in Danish and English. Do you have a favorite quote? A quote you just have to put up on the wall because it just makes so much sense. Here you get quotes said or told by famous people and made into a sticker by Sohu wall stickers.

Funny and wise quotes as wall stickers

Here are quotes from HC Andersen, Peter plush, Karen Blixen and many others. We can do everything, so if you don't find the quote that is your favorite quote, just write to us and we will do it for you. Here you will find many different quotes from various cartoon characters, famous people and authors. We have designed each wall sticker ourselves with a view to finding the best design that makes the quote stand out the strongest and most elegantly on your wall. Small figures or a picture of the quote's owner have been added to some of the quotes. In addition, we have particularly focused on the font and tried to vary the font on the different wall stickers, so that they each have a unique expression. We have simply done everything in our power to make the quote stand as strong as possible on your wall.

Among our many quotes you will find, for example, several quotes from all children's favorite cartoon character, Peter Pooh. This wall sticker is with the quote "Sometimes the smallest things fill your heart the most" . A really beautiful quote that makes sense for both children and adults. The message in the text emphasizes the human nature of sometimes making small things too big in your head, which is why they end up taking up too much space. A wall sticker like this can be put up anywhere in the home, for example in the children's room.

A must-have for every travel-loving person is this wall sticker with a quote "To travel is to live" by the popular author HC Andersen. We have of course made a beautiful wall sticker with this very quote, where the characteristic top hat that HC Andersen always wore is represented. If you want to further emphasize your joy of travel, combine the quote with this wall sticker with the text "Travel is the only thing" .

If you need a good laugh and to see the smiles on your guests' faces, then this wall sticker with a quote from Garfield "Everyone is just crumbs"   perfect. The always self-absorbed cartoon character Garfild is at play here, like a delicious little chocolate meringue. On top of the text of the quote is precisely Garfild, snaking. Some of the text is highlighted in bold to emphasize the message of the quote – that basically we are all unique!

The quotes are available in several different colours, which you can choose from our large color chart. This allows you to choose the color that fits in with your style and decor. When you have ordered a wall sticker with a quote, the quote will be printed by us on high-quality foil. We have carefully selected the foil in order to make it easy for you to put up your wall sticker, at the same time that we naturally want your wall sticker to last as long as possible. In this way, we ensure the highest quality and the best customer service every time you shop at Wall stickers.