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Rainbow & princess wall stickers

Wall stickers with rainbows and princesses for the girl's room

If you have a little daughter, then you've definitely heard the words rainbow and princesses many times. There is something magical about a rainbow, and they are used in many different designs for clothes, toys and decor. And who doesn't dream of being allowed to be a real princess? You now have the opportunity to pamper your own princess with our fantastic wall stickers with a beautiful motif of rainbows and princesses. These nice wall stickers with rainbows and princesses fit perfectly into the girl's room, and your daughter will love having them hanging. A wall sticker is an easy and cheap choice if you want to quickly give the children's room a new look. As the children grow and develop new interests, it is easy to change the wall stickers so that they reflect the children's age and personality. Here at sohushop , we have wall stickers in many different sizes, and we have even designed many sheets of wall stickers. So even if you don't have much space, you can choose to distribute the beautiful motifs around the room with wall sticker sheets.

Rainbow wall stickers

Rainbows are often called nature's most beautiful light show, and if you've seen one, you'll understand why. Rainbows have puzzled and fascinated man for millennia. The light phenomenon, however, has an extremely simple scientific explanation: When rays of sunlight hit raindrops, the light splits into the seven different colors that we all know well. The longest visible wavelength in the rainbow is red, which we find at the very end of the primary rainbow. Then comes orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and finally violet, which is the shortest visible wavelength in the rainbow. You can see all the beautiful colors here on this Beautiful rainbow - wall stickers , which also contain beautiful stars, sporadically spread over the rainbow. Is your daughter crazy about rainbows AND unicorns? So we have designed some fantastic wall stickers that combine these two magical phenomena. Look at this super cute wall sticker Rainbow with unicorn , where we see a beautiful rainbow, surrounded by white clouds. Farthest down lies a pink unicorn sleeping soundly. With this beautiful wall sticker you can give your daughter the opportunity to fall asleep with the unicorn, who can say no to that?

Rainbow and princess wall stickers with castle

Does your daughter dream of being a princess? Then she needs a castle in her room. Check out this impressive Castle with Rainbow Wall Sticker , featuring the most beautiful purple and pink castle resting on bright purple and pink clouds. Behind the castle we see a fantastic rainbow. Not a minimalist design, but that wasn't what we were aiming for when we designed this masterpiece either. It is available in different sizes, so you can choose whether it should decorate an entire wall or whether it should hang above the bed. Your daughter will love being able to tell her friends that she has a real castle in her room - with a rainbow! We also need some princesses up on the wall. And you don't have to settle for one, look at this fantastic Printed Princess world - wall stickers , the name says it all, here you get the opportunity to get a whole princess world on the wall. The fine wall sticker is divided into one sheet, so you choose how you want to distribute the beautiful motifs. Here you get as many as three princesses, two of whom have also brought their unicorns with them! You also get the most beautiful pink palace, with room for lots of princesses!

Wall sticker with flower girl

If your daughter is a bit older, but still wants nice and feminine decorations on the wall, you can show her this fascinating Big flower girl wall stickers , which are a real eye-catcher. Here we see a black silhouette of a "bigger" girl, with a swirling dress and high-heeled shoes. Integrated into the silhouette, we find the most beautiful flower vines. The wall sticker is available in stylish black, but it is also available in a total of 23 other colours, so it is entirely up to you to choose the color that suits you best. This wall sticker is available in two different sizes, a small one that measures 60 cm in height, and a large one that measures 140 cm in height.

Wall stickers for the girl's room

We know it can be difficult to choose among all the beautiful designs. And we have actually designed even more in the same ballpark. If you want to give your daughter even more options, you should also show her this category, Wall stickers for the girl 's room. Here we have collected a lot of cute animals, penguins, butterflies, monkeys and of course a lot of horses. You can also get your own name on the wall, surrounded by hearts, flowers, butterflies or stars. We have also made a multitude of wall stickers with names and cute motifs that can be put up on the door to the girls' room, so that no one is in any doubt as to who lives there.

Posters with children's motifs

If you prefer to have a poster instead of a wall sticker, or you want a combination, then you should also take a good look at this category Posters children's motifs . Here you will find the cutest posters with mermaids, seahorses, unicorns, stars, princesses, ballerinas and flamingos.