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Robots & Space wall stickers

Wall stickers with Robots & Space children's room

Would you like to upgrade the children's room with wall stickers with a fantastic Robot & Space motif? In this category, we have collected lots of super cool wall stickers with the really beautiful motifs with Robots & Space. Most of our wall stickers are available in different sizes, so you can choose whether you want to decorate an entire wall, or whether you want to settle for a smaller Robot & Space wall sticker as an eye-catcher. Most children are fascinated by space and rockets, and who doesn't think it's fun to play at being a robot? If there is no room for more toys in the rooms, then a wall sticker is a great way to create innovation that does not take up space. Our wall stickers are available in different sizes, so you will surely find a place on the wall that could use color and imagination.

Headless robot - wall stickers

Do you have a child who loves to play with robots? Then maybe this design Headless robot - wall stickers is right for you. This really cool wall sticker gives you a flashy robot that has lost its head! This wall stickers is available in a total of 24 different colours, should it be a classic black? A scary red, or perhaps a pink headless robot to decorate your child's room? It is available in 4 different sizes, the largest measures 120 cm x 160 cm! So it's a really big robot! Let the headless robot become your child's new best friend! If they dare, he looks a little bit dangerous, and how did he end up losing his head?

Space wall stickers in watercolor

Do you have a child who dreams of becoming an astronaut? Then you should spoil him or her with this really nice Space wall stickers in watercolor . The colors are subdued and gentle, and will create calm and harmony in the children's room. Here we see a super cool astronaut holding a yellow flag that he wants to place on the next planet he visits. Next to the astronaut we see his cool space rocket, ready for new adventures. The design also features fine planets. This wall sticker is made as a sheet, so you choose for yourself whether they should be hung together or whether the planets should float around on different walls in the children's room.

Printed Monsters - wall stickers

Does your child love all things monsters? Then he/she would definitely love to be allowed to have this both cool and cute Printed Monsters - wall stickers on his/her wall. Here we give you a total of 6 monsters. A cheeky red monster sticking out its green tongue. A green monster that only has one eye, but it's huge! A blue monster with sharp canines. A purple monster who is probably related to a pig, from whom he got his snout. A pink monster with beautiful red hair and a giant tongue to match. And finally a yellow monster who has learned the right dance moves. This wall sticker is available as a sheet, so you choose how you want to place them. Should they be hung together, or do you choose to spread them around the room? Let your child choose where his six new monster friends will live in the room.

Wall stickers for the boys' room

Remember to also take a good look at our main category with the Wall stickers boys room . Here we have collected a great many different designs with motifs that suit little and big princes. Go exploring with your boy and look at all the super cool wall stickers with animals, sports, gaming, robots and rockets. There is a lot to look at, so make sure you are not in a hurry in your search for the perfect wall sticker for the boy's room. Fortunately, there is also nothing that says your son has to settle for a single wall sticker, feel free to create a dynamic effect in the boy's room by combining different cool motifs. With our low prices, it is also possible to cheaply change the motifs if your children develop new interests, which they typically do when they get older.

Wall stickers gamer

If your child loves gaming, then you should jump over to our category wall stickers gamer . Here you will find a lot of super cool designs that will very clearly show your child's love for gaming. It is obvious to choose one of the cool wall stickers and hang them close to the computer. Or maybe on the door to the room, so everyone can see that a real gamer lives here. Pamper your gamer child with one or more of the cool designs, the biggest problem will just be choosing which one it should be, so take your time when you go exploring among all the cool gamer wall stickers. Our wall stickers are available in many beautiful colours, so no one says you have to choose a classic black sticker.