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Wall stickers for the smaller children

Baby wall sticker

It is easy to decorate a children's room for the smaller children with our beautiful baby wall stickers. There are countless cute and inspiring motifs to choose from, so your child has something cute and colorful to look at. There are also monochromatic motifs, where you can choose the color yourself, so that it can match the rest of the decor or for a boy's or girl's room, respectively. Wall stickers from Sohu shop are available in many sizes, so you can create the perfect decoration in the room depending on how much space is available. Use possibly the wall sticker as a starting point for choosing the room's other color composition for accessories, pillows, blankets, bed covers, toy boxes etc.

See also the beautiful hot air balloons, which are decorative to mount high on the wall or above the headboard. Or the various funny jungle animals that hang down from balloons between the clouds. You can't help but get in a good mood by looking at them.

If you are into a slightly calmer and subdued interior, it can also be a really good idea to put up a single-coloured wall sticker with a text to a children's song, e.g. "Elephant's lullaby" or "Den lille frække Frederik".

Especially our many different trees with different colored leaves, owls, birds, monkeys and other animals are popular. For example, a large, beautiful owl tree, where two swings with cute owls hang from two branches, and birds chirping around the tree. The tree is available in two sizes. There are also many stickers with just a single branch with small animals on it. It is also a beautiful and simple decoration that does not require a very large space in the children's room.

Wall stickers for the children's room in beautiful motifs

Here you will find all our wall stickers for small children. The motifs feature cute animals and trees, which are perfect for the children's room, where they will bring life and joy through the cute motifs. You will find motifs with well-known figures as well as other motifs with childish undertones. On this page you will find many different motifs for the children's room. The motifs are designed with happy and peaceful undertones so that you and your child can enjoy them. At the same time, you will also find motifs with beautiful colors and with playful motifs, which give your child plenty to look at. You will also find monochromatic motifs where you choose the color yourself.

We also have larger wall stickers, such as our wall sticker with SOHU Children's design in blue , which is available in both a blue and a pink theme, so you can adapt it according to the gender of your child. The wall sticker has many fun and attractive figures with a tree in the centre. Thus, the wall sticker provides a nice game in the room and the many figures can be used to teach your child animal names, as well as other words for the things that are on the wall sticker. The different parts of the wall sticker come separately, so you can choose to put them up together or all around. In addition, the design can be chosen in three different sizes, depending on the size of your child's room.

If you are looking for a smaller motif with animals, you will find this wall sticker Monkey swings in lian . A really nice wall sticker for the wall in the children's room, where the lively, naughty child lives. The monkey has a nice brown color and you can easily see all the details on it, so it can both be used to provide games in the room, be a pleasure to look at or teach your child words.

As always, the quality of all our wall stickers is top notch and your wall sticker from the SOHU shop can stick to the vast majority of surfaces. At the same time, you get a good set-up guide, so you can quickly and easily get your wall sticker on the wall and enjoy it immediately. In addition, we ship cheaply. You are of course always welcome to contact us with questions.

Rainbow wall sticker

You will find a large selection of decorative rainbow stickers on this page. All of them are very beautiful and brightly colored, and with a rainbow sticker mounted on the wall, it can, in addition to creating joy and color in the room, help your child to learn the colors. Both rainbows are available in pastel colors and some in very strong colors and also with different motifs on them. For example, there is a rainbow with a cute unicorn lying down and sleeping with closed eyes, rainbows surrounded by hearts or stars, rainbows with clouds in different colors, rainbows with sun and rain, etc. If you put a rainbow sticker on the wall, you don't need very many other colors in the room to make it a happy and festive play universe.

Our beautiful wall stickers are also a perfect gift idea for new parents, for christening gifts or for the child's first birthdays, where it can otherwise be difficult to come up with something to give as a present.

We send your wall stickers quickly and cheaply, and the quality is top notch, as we design and manufacture our products ourselves. Our stickers stick to most surfaces such as walls, doors, glass etc. Please contact us if you have any questions so we can help you.