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Wall stickers Toilet & bath

Fun decorative wall stickers for the bathroom

Here you will find wall stickers for the bathroom that are different, fun and smart. You can find texts with bathroom rules. A Naughty little boy standing and peeing, it's a fun little wall sticker to have on the door to the bathroom or on the wall by the toilet, which will put a smile on the face of anyone who stickers it. If you think that the walls of your bathroom are just enough, and therefore need a little decoration, then we have the wall sticker for you. We have many different wall stickers for the bathroom, we have both witty and philosophical texts, as well as bathroom rules that tell you, your children and your guests what to do to maintain good bathroom hygiene.

See, for example, our super popular wall sticker with the text "here you can sit in your own thoughts until someone else knocks on the door" . A very true text that is super funny at the same time. Either way, it reminds anyone who trips on the toilet that there's always someone else who needs to use the toilet.

To supplement the house rules and the kitchen rules, we have these bathroom rules . Simple and straightforward wall sticker that tells in a few words what the essential things are to achieve good toilet hygiene. In this way, it is a really nice wall sticker that is both decorative and useful.

In the more comical and geeky corner, we have this funny wall sticker with a man in the toilet, where it says "downloading" . Super fun and amusing wall sticker that will make most people laugh, or at least smile, at the wonderful and funny pun. Downloading thus takes on a completely different meaning with this wall sticker, which makes the wall sticker super popular and fun for the vast majority of people to look at.

All our wall stickers are designed by ourselves. We do this so that we can always bring you the coolest wall stickers that follow the latest trends and are in fashion. Thus, we are constantly updating our range and if you have any special wishes, it is also possible for you to design your very own wall sticker. If you have other wishes, you are of course very welcome to contact us, so that we can produce the right wall sticker that will fit perfectly in your particular home. After we cut the wall sticker from high-quality foil, we ship it to you cheaply, as we believe that shopping on the Internet should not be a disadvantage. It is our aim to deliver products of the highest quality, as well as customer service at the highest level.