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Tree with animal wall stickers

Wall stickers with wood with animals for the children's room

Would you like to decorate the children's room with cute and charming wall stickers? Does your child love animals and nature? Then you have come to the right place. In this category, we have collected a multitude of beautiful wall stickers with beautiful trees and lots of cute animals. Most of our wall stickers are available in different sizes, so you can choose whether you want to fill an entire wall, or whether you want to settle for a smaller wall sticker as an eye-catcher, perhaps placed above the bed or above the desk.

Colorful tree with animals - wall stickers

Just look at this colorful design with lots of amazing animals, Colorful tree with animals - wall stickers . This wall sticker offers a total of 12 animals! In the middle of the wall sticker there is a tree with leaves in red, green, blue, orange and yellow. The leaves have different textures, which creates dynamism. In the tree hangs a cute monkey cat, ready to climb the various branches. To the left we see a yellow giraffe, a smiling zebra, and a green bird. On the right we find an orange lion with a nice red mane. Next to the lion we find a blue elephant with red ears. Two cute owls have placed themselves on top of the elephant. In the air around the tree we see 4 small bees flying around.

Wall sticker with tree with animals for an entire wall

Maybe you want to give the children's room a completely new look? Then we would recommend choosing a wall sticker that covers an entire wall. Just look here at this masterpiece Sohu Children's design in pink - wall stickers . You can get this design in three different sizes, the largest measures 250 cm X 175 cm! Treat your daughter to this fantastic wall sticker that she will love to look at. Here we see a large, beautiful tree with lots of beautiful leaves in pink, yellow and green. Around the tree there are lots of beautiful animals. A pink elephant, 5 owls, 3 beautiful monkey cats, a donkey, a pink giraffe, 2 cute pandas, and lots of cute birds. On the tree itself there is also a small, sweet squirrel who has built a small cave. Here you get a fantastic wall sticker with a lot to look at, both for young and old. This design is also available in shades of blue Sohu Children's design in blue - wall stickers , if your child now loves blue!

Wall sticker with altimeter

Most children love to measure themselves and look forward to being allowed to get taller and taller. If you are tired of taking out the ruler all the time, we have an easy solution to that problem. We have designed a wall sticker which is also a height gauge, so your child can measure how big he/she has become. Altimeter with jungle animals gives you lots of great colors and cute animals. The altimeter is a palm tree, and in the palm tree hangs and dangles a cheeky little monkey cat. Next to it we see a happy elephant. On top of the elephant sits a smiling giraffe, and on top of the zebra sits a green owl that blinks with one eye. This particular wall sticker is of course only available in one size, and you will probably have to measure a few extra times to get it set up exactly. Pamper your child with this adorable wall sticker that will bring joy for many years, and which is also a really nice eye-catcher in the room.

Wall stickers with animals

Remember to also take a good look at our category with Wall stickers with animals (for children) . Regardless of which animal is your child's favorite animal, we almost dare to Love that you can find a wall sticker with that animal. Here we have collected a great many designs with many different animals. Here you will find penguins, rabbits, monkeys, pandas, horses, owls, butterflies, and many, many more. If you have a little princess who loves unicorns and horses, you should also show her our category of wall stickers with horses . Here you will find cute wall stickers with unicorns for the smallest, but also black and white designs with horses for the slightly older girls.

Installation of wood with animal wall stickers

Do you have any doubts about the best way to put up your tree wall stickers with animals? It's really simple, and to help you along the way, we've made an assembly video that clearly shows how you can easily and quickly get your wall stickers up in the children's room. You will find a link to the installation video at the bottom of our website. Remember that if you get your world map wall stickers sent in a round tube, they must always lie flat for approx. 1 day before you put them up on the wall. If your setup still bothers you or if you are still in doubt about how to handle the setup, you must contact us immediately and we will be happy to help you.