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Wall stickers for your home

Large selection of beautiful wall stickers

Are you in doubt about what to have on your walls? Have you heard of Wall stickers? If not, then it's time you changed your acquaintance with this amazing invention. The concept is very simple. Wall stickers are a type of sticker that you can easily and quickly put up on your walls. There are many advantages with wall stickers. They are available in many different designs, so you can easily find beautiful motifs for every room in your home. They are also available in many different sizes, so even if space is tight, you will definitely find a size that fits. If you want to combine wall stickers with other wall decoration, you should also take a good look at all our beautiful wall murals and our beautiful posters .

Wall stickers for your living room

Have you always had posters in the living room? Do you feel like they take up a little too much space on the walls? Then they may have to be replaced with a wall sticker that almost melts into the wall! Perhaps it is some wise and loving words that will decorate the wall in your family's living room? You can e.g. choose this Wallsticker - Family where life begins , with the beautiful words "Family, where life begins and Love never ends". Are you in a busy family that has lots of things to keep track of every day? Then you should perhaps consider getting a wall sticker as a weekly plan, which makes planning easier for the busy family. You will find the weekly schedule here - incl. marker – wall stickers , and as the title reveals, it includes a marker to write with. The wall sticker itself is in stylish black glossy foil, and then you write with a white marker that can be easily erased. You probably know it well, no matter how well you have planned your week, changes always occur. This wall sticker is available in three different sizes, the smallest is only 60X24 cm., so most people should be able to find room for it.

Wall stickers for kitchen/living room

Right in the kitchen, there may not be that much space to have posters hanging. If you still want some beautiful wall decoration in your kitchen, then you should look at all our beautiful designs. Are you in a family that loves to start Sunday with a big stack of pancakes? Then you can choose this fine wall sticker with - Recipe for Pancakes . Then even the smallest in the family can join in and make them, without you having to find cookbooks.

Design your own wall sticker

We know it can be difficult to choose between all our beautiful wall stickers. Maybe you had an idea from the start about what you wanted, but can't quite find exactly the wall stickers you were hoping to find. This is not a problem at all, because you can design your own wall sticker yourself, so that it will be just the way you want it. It's also a great gift idea where you can make a truly unique gift for someone you care about that you're sure they'll enjoy every day!

Wall stickers for the office or home office

If you are lucky enough to have your own home workplace, you now have the opportunity to make it personal by choosing one of our fun wall stickers for the office. If you work in an ordinary office together with many others, you can just ask the boss whether you should invest in a wall sticker that will strengthen your community. Perhaps this cute wall sticker with the text Teamwork makes the dream work would fit perfectly into your meeting room and make the long meetings feel less long.

Wall stickers for entrance and hallway

The entrance or hallway is a place where there is often not much space, especially if there are several people going in and out at the same time. If you want to create calm and a welcoming atmosphere in your entrance, then you should look at all the fine wall stickers we have designed for that purpose. Just look at this fine wall sticker that welcomes your guests in many languages . And when we say many, we mean a lot, as many as 22 languages. Then you will also learn their names yourself, so that you will also feel extra welcome when you travel abroad and are greeted with a welcome in the current language.

Wall stickers for the bedroom

In the bedroom, you may not want too much color and/or motifs hanging around. But a stylish wall sticker with a beautiful quote fits perfectly into the bedroom, so you can read the nice words before you go to bed and when you get up. Just look at this romantic wall sticker with the sweet text Happiness is sleeping with the one you dream about . Then we just have to hope you don't have nightmares!

Wall stickers for toilet and bathroom

Wall stickers in the toilet? Does that sound strange? Take a look at our fun selection of wall stickers in this category, and we're sure you'll immediately want to decorate your toilet or bathroom! Just look at this cute wall sticker with the funny text No job is finished until the paperwork is done, with an illustration of a toilet roll. An easy way to ensure that your guests leave your bathroom with a smile on their face!

Wall stickers for the children's room

Of course, we haven't forgotten the dear little ones! We have made lots of fun, cute, sweet and cool designs for the smallest in the family. Of course, the children themselves can join in and choose, and they are guaranteed to be excited by the large selection. With our extremely reasonable prices, you have the opportunity to replace them often, if your children quickly change their minds about what they want. If there is not so much space in the children's rooms, then you can advantageously choose one of our wall sticker sheets, which contain many small wall stickers, which can be put up just where they fit best. Just look here at this beautiful sheet Butterflies purple shades , with a total of 48 butterflies!

Installation of wall stickers

Are you in doubt about the best way to put up your wall stickers ? Don't worry, we'll help you! We have made an assembly video which very clearly shows how you get your wall stickers installed. You will find the installation video at the bottom of the website. Remember that if you get your wall stickers sent in a round tube, they must always lie flat for approx. 1 day before setup. And yes, we understand that you want to get them up as soon as you receive them, but it is important to wait a day to be sure of getting the best result. You can use the waiting time to plan where your new wall stickers will hang, and to watch our installation video one (or more) extra time. Should your setup still fail or fail, please contact us and we will always find a solution.