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Watercolor wall stickers

Wall stickers with watercolor colors for the children's room

Would you like to decorate the children's room with wall stickers with fantastic watercolor colours? Then you have come to the right place. In this category, we have collected a multitude of fantastic wall stickers with the most beautiful watercolor colours. Most of our wall stickers are available in different sizes, so you can choose whether you want to decorate an entire wall, or whether you want to settle for a smaller watercolor wall sticker as an eye-catcher, perhaps above the bed, or above the play corner. Watercolor colors are in practice colors dissolved in a water-based binder - and are also called water colours. The technique has been known for many hundreds of years, but was really popularized by the German artist Albrect Dürer, who used them in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Watercolor wall stickers with a motif from the sea

Do you have a child who is fascinated by the sea and all the beautiful animals that live there? Then maybe this design Watercolor wall stickers sheet under the sea is right for you. This fine wall sticker offers beautiful, muted colors that will create calm and harmony in the children's room. Here we see an octopus in light purple, a seahorse in light turquoise and soft yellow, two beautiful starfish in pink and beige respectively, and a cool fish in light yellow and dark purple. The wall sticker also offers a seashell with the most beautiful pearl, and beautiful algae in green, pink and blue. If you don't have space for an aquarium at home, this design is a really good alternative! If you would like colors that are a little more flashy, you should also take a look at this Watercolor underwater , which offers slightly stronger colors. Here we have also added some extra animals, a cool turtle, a cute seal and a cute whale. Pamper your sea-loving child with one of these wall stickers that will bring joy for many years, and that look a really nice eye-catcher in the room.

Watercolor rainbow - wall stickers

Of course, the design has a watercolor wall sticker with a rainbow - just look at this colorful design Watercolor rainbow wall stickers . Here you see a really beautiful rainbow, in the 7 known colors. Rainbows are called nature's most beautiful light show, which makes perfect sense. If you are lucky enough to spot a rainbow, you must hurry to enjoy it, as it is only alive for a short time. Rainbows have fascinated man for many millennia. The beautiful light phenomenon actually has an extremely simple scientific explanation: When the sun's rays hit the raindrops, the light splits into the seven different colors that we characterize the rainbow. The longest visible wavelength in the rainbow is red, which is seen at the far end of the primary rainbow. Then comes orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo, and finally violet, which is the shortest visible wavelength in the rainbow.

Wall sticker unicorn with rainbow

The combination of unicorns and rainbows is fantastic, and if you have a daughter who can't get enough of them, show her this Wallsticker unicorn with rainbow and flowers . Here we see three super nice unicorns, one of them has got his own hot air balloon, in the most beautiful rainbow colours. Here we also see a gentle rainbow with the most beautiful clouds, beautiful pink roses, two stars and two diamonds. This wall sticker is available as a sheet, so you choose for yourself if you want to hang them together or if the glories should be spread out on the walls in the girls' room.

Rainbow & princesses

If you have a child who loves rainbows, you should also take a look at our rainbow & princesses wall stickers category. Here you will find lots of cute, beautiful and colorful rainbows. We have made different designs with lots of fine details such as unicorns, castles, stars and hearts. Bring the magic into the children's room with one (or more) of these fantastic wall stickers. Take out the measuring tape and measure how much space there is in the room, we are sure that you will probably find the perfect size. Many of our designs are also available as sheets, where there are many small motifs that can be hung up individually or together, whichever suits you best.

wall stickers children

Remember to also take a good look at our main category with Wall stickers' children . Here we have collected many different designs with motifs that suit the little ones. Go exploring with your child and look at all the fine decorations with animals, sports, rainbows, robots and gamer motifs. There is a lot to look at, so make sure you are not in a hurry in your search for the perfect wall sticker. Fortunately, there is also nothing that says you have to settle for a single wall sticker, feel free to create a dynamic effect in the home by combining different motifs.