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World map wall stickers

World map for the wall

Here you can find different wall stickers world maps in many sizes. If you want the countries written in letters, with special graphics, as a globe or just as a simple one-colour world map, you will find them here on the page. We also have a printed world map in several beautiful colours. On this page you will find our very modern wall stickers with world maps that look good on any bare wall. We have several different designs that can be hung and placed in many different ways. As always, you can choose the color and size yourself. In this way, you can get a wall sticker that fits perfectly with your decor and the size of your wall.

World maps are very popular because they give a nice simple expression on your wall. The world maps are perfect for the home, where you want to show your connection to the world. This map is perfect if you want a nice and decorative overview of the world. At the same time, for example, you can put small stickers, in a different color, on the world map, so that everyone can see where you have been. If you have children, this is also a perfect way to show where you have traveled or are going on holiday.

If you want to show your attachment to Denmark, we also have wall stickers for that. See here our Map of Denmark . Made in the same simple design as the detailed world map, but with a focus on Denmark. Again, it is obvious to put marks where you have been or simply leave the map alone and show Denmark seen from above in a simple design. If you are into a less detailed look, you can, for example, look at our Wallsticker - Earth globe . A super nice and simple wall sticker of the earth as a globe in 2D. Of course with a focus on our side of the globe. This wall sticker gives a simple and elegant look to any wall.

As always, there is cheap shipping on all wall stickers from the Sohu shop. At the same time, when you choose to buy a wall sticker from us, you can choose the color and size yourself. At the same time, don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to change the design. In this way, we ensure that you get exactly the wall sticker you want, so that it fits your home perfectly.